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Who is Sanjeev Marimuthu?

“Don’t insult every human Just consult with them, They will give good result” 

                …Sanjeev Marimuthu

Sanjeev Marimuthu is an  Motivational Speaker, Activists, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Coach, Educator, Soft Skills & Corporate Trainer

The founder and Chief Trainer of Right Learning Systems & RLS Business development center.

His Training’s and Coaching, Motivational speeches and writing are all different. And He has acquired in-depth knowledge in personal and business development and he is leading the way to the success of hundreds of people.He is dedicated to the development of entrepreneurship 24 hours a day and constantly working to bring positive thoughts and economic progress to the people of the country.

He said that the People are the property of the country and it is our duty to protect them effectively.His profound and innovative training methods have an innate impact on people.

His motivational training and speaking act as a crutch for employees, managers, officials and company leaders to improve efficiency and increase profitability.

He gives importance in his Training’s to bring out the inner potential of school and college students and develop their personality by realizing their unique potential and developing it themselves.

He prepares and provides special trainings to enhance the teaching skills of the teachers and to better understand the mindset of the students and imptheir academic personality.

He provides unique business development trainings in the best new way for the new entrepreneurs to start their business with the necessary idea and business skills market strategies to increase the business profit.


Having Certificates for various programs, projects from government and non-governmental organizations including Ministry of Personnel Training and Development.

TOT (Training of The Trainer) Certificate from Training Division. Department of Personnel Training & Development, New Delhi.

TOT – Certificate from AIM (Anna Institute of Management) Chennai.

State level TOT CERTIFICATE for ENTREPRENEURSHIP from Chandralekha I. A. S.

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Honours and Awards

Best Trainer Award from JCI – 2018

JCI Week Trainer Performance Award – 2017

Outstanding Performance Award from
Rotary – 2018

Best Entrepreneur Training from ‘Thannambikkai’ Magazine – 2013

What you can learn from Sanjeev Marimuthu?

  • One can learn strategies to find passion which is the key to success Literature.

  • Individuals can learn to solve problems in their lives in a new way.

  • Learn how to turn weaknesses into strengths in your personal and professional life. 

  • Attitudinal, goals and actions can be learned psychologically by their inner workings

  • Learn to develop and implement positive thinking.

  • Learn how to do the right actions for the right reason.
  • Learn how to build and nurture a team, manage it and get good results out of it.

  • Learn the essentials of your success and the secret will come to you automatically.

  • A company must learn how to turn its employees into assets.

  • You can learn from his vast experience and genuineness for your life and business success.

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